Attendance & Cancellation


Dance technique is built on a good solid foundation. It is extremely important that students attend class regularly to learn critical basics and concepts. Weekly repetition is important to master steps and skills.

To perform in the Spring Shows, students in our Fall Session must have at least 80% attendance. This equates to less than 7 absences. Lateness is a problem and late students may not be allowed to take class. 3 lateness = 1 absence!

Cancellation Policy

Dance may not be the right fit for everyone. We ask that all withdrawals are done in writing or by email. 30-DAYS NOTICE is required to stop your automatic monthly debits. This is a strict policy. For our Fall Session, there is a two month minimum as we feel as though two months gives your child an adequate feel for the class and can make a better decision. Please note: Without 30 days-notice, you will be charged for the following month.