At ASADC, students are placed first according to age level and then by skill level for Levels 1 through Adults.

For New Students with No Previous Dance Experience

Students with no previous experience are placed in a Beginning level class in order to learn and master the basics and a good foundation on which to build.

For New Students With Previous Experience

Students with previous experience are initially placed by the Director in a level class where the instructor will be able to assess the student’s knowledge and skills. This may be either at the level of their previous study or at a more beginning level. Putting a student in a class that may be too challenging doesn’t allow instructors to assess accurately because it only allows us to see what the student cannot do, rather than all the wonderful things they can do.

For Returning Students

Instructors are asked to make recommendations for each of their students at the end of the Session. These recommendations are then reviewed by the Director. For Fall Session, recommendations for returning students will be accessible through their account in Studio Director. Any questions should be directed to the Director, Karen Daniels. To send an email, click here.

During our Fall Session, adjustments are made to students’ classes during September as the instructors work with students and are able to assess them.