Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that dance is for everyone, whether students are taking it for fun, exercise, or for more serious study. At ASADC, we understand that teaching methods and materials are different for each of these goals and we are prepared to help students achieve those goals. We also believe in age appropriate teaching methods, music, and costuming. We believe in incorporating important life lessons such as teamwork, pride in your work, respect for others, and good work ethic.

Positive Dance Environment

We offer a supportive dance environment that promotes proper, safe training and technique. Our younger students are introduced to dance in a positive, fun, game-like atmosphere so they are having a blast as they get a solid foundation. More advanced dancers are given expert training in a nurturing fashion. All students are given an opportunity to perform. During our Fall Session, special observation weeks are scheduled so you can see what your child has been working on.

Small Class Sizes

Classes are age and level appropriate. Our classes have a cap so we can keep our classes smaller. Smaller classes mean that instructors are able to give dancers more individualized attention. It also helps to ensure that students are getting important fundamental concepts. Students also get to know each other and learn to work as team members, which means more fun!

Professional Instructors

Our instructors provide quality instruction and encouragement, as well as giving students opportunities to be creative. They are trained, experienced individuals who believe in continuing education in order to be the best they can be. Many of our instructors are certified members of Dance Masters of America, Inc., which is an international organization of dance teachers.

Professional Facility

ASADC offers spacious studios with sprung floors, ballet barres, mirrors, state-of-the-art sound systems and plenty of parking. A sprung floor is a dance floor with a base of high density foam to absorb the shock from jumping. It reduces fatigue and prevents injury.

Dance Masters of America

ASADC is associated with Dance Masters of America (DMA). DMA is an international organization of certified dance instructors. Through this organization, our students and instructors are able to participate in workshops with instructors from all over the country. In order to raise the level of dance instruction, this organization has an extensive certification process for its members. DMA also hosts a Teachers Training School (TTS) program at the University of Buffalo. It is a 4-year additional certification program with a post-grad component as well. Many of our instructors are members of DMA as well as graduates of TTS.